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Powerful Repellents & Tree Guards at Great Prices



Brown Scented Tree Guards

                      • From $4.89 ea.
                      • Natural white pepper scent
                      • Field tested & found to repel deer
                      • Effective in highly populated deer areas

Pepper Scented Brown & White Spiral Tree Guards

                      • From $2.00 ea.
                      • SCENTED to repel deer and other browsers
                      • Holes for air and moisture ventilation
                      • High quality vinyl protects from animals
                      • Available in 1″ & 2″ diameter

Jet Spray Deer, Bird & Animal Repeller

                      • 5 Second Burst of Water
                      • Solar Powered
                      • Up to 30′ Range in a 120° Arc

Ultrasonic White Flash Repeller

                      • White “flash bulb” light repels browsers
                      • Ultra sonic speaker deters deer rutting

Scented Corrugated Tree Guard

                      • From $4.00 ea.
                      • Soft polyethylene material will not scratch bark
                      • UV protected to resist sun, rain & watering
                      • Prevents deer rubbing & power tool damage

Pepper Scented Plastic Mesh Tree Guards

                      • From $5.00 ea.
                      • Fits tree up to 6″ diameter
                      • White Pepper scented to repel deer
                      • Dark brown color blends into environment
                      • Mesh design allows tree to breathe
                      • Sold in bundles of 5; Zip ties included

Red Eye Predator Repeller

                          • Alternating red LED flashing lights
                          • Simulates fire or predator
                          • Scares away nighttime deer, coyote from trees, chicken coups

Blue Grow Tubes

                          • Blue light boosts critical root development
                          • Increases stem and trunk diameter and growth rate
                          • Protects saplings and young trees from wind and chemical sprays