Plastic Mesh Tree Guard (Copy) - My Tree Armor

“Love these tree guards.  They protect and the trees still breath”

Bobby O.  Memphis, TN

“Couldn’t believe it!  They came with zip ties, made it easy to install”

Kenny F.  Sequine, AZ

“Really tough, stood up to my weed wacker”

Billy G.  Richlandtown, Pa.

“Got rid of the algae on my bark.  Trees can breathe again”

Donna K.  Racine, WI

Dark Brown

36” Plastic Mesh

Tree Guards


From $24.33 (bundle of 5)

Quantity 4″ Diameter 6″ Diameter
 1 – 2 (bundle of 5)  32.66 each  38.66 each
 3 – 19 (bundle of 5)  29.44 each (FREE Shipping) 37.44 each (FREE Shipping)
 20 (bundle of 5)  27.33 each (FREE Shipping) 36.66 each (FREE Shipping)
 40 (bundle of 5)  24.33 each (FREE Shipping) 35.33 each (FREE Shipping)

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  • Fits trees up to 6″ diameter
  • White Pepper scented to repel deer
  • Dark brown color blends into environment
  • Mesh design allows trees to breathe
  • Eliminates moisture build-up, mold & mildew
  • Sold in bundles of 5; Zip ties included

Made of high density polyethylene, our plastic mesh tubes are designed to last 5-7 years. The durable material guards your trees from deer, rabbits, squirrels and woodchucks from rubbing or chewing on your trees. The excellent construction resists damage from mowers and string trimmers. They’re UV coated to maintain their rich brown color. Simple to install; just wrap them around your tree and you’re good to go!