Blue Grow Tubes - My Tree Armor

Amplified Blue Light


Grow Tubes


36″ High 3″ Diameter

   Quantity    Price
   Pack of 50    $99 (Less than $2.00 each)
   Pack of 25    $56.25 (Less than $2.30 each)


  • Blue light boosts critical root development
  • Increases stem and trunk diameter and growth rate
  • Protects saplings and young trees from wind and chemical sprays
  • Corrugated design w/tabs requires NO zip ties
  • UV Protected to resist sun, wind & rain

Maximize the growth and survival rate of your saplings & trees with these inexpensive and revolutionary tree tubes. From about $2.00 each, including FREE shipping, these blue tubes provide a beneficial blue light that filters out harmful UV rays while stimulating root and trunk growth. Use them as a chemical free way to defend your trees from rabbits, rodents, and other small animals. The rugged corrugated design helps prevent damage caused by equipment.